Windows 10 Clean Start

I have a bad habit of not closing applications when I am done with them. Sure, I save my work, but I will keep Word, Excel, Outlook, 100 Chrome windows (which have 100 tabs opened in each) and sometimes I just like to reboot to have a “Clean Start”. Unfortunately, one change in Windows 10 made it more difficult to achieve that clean start. The default behavior for Windows is to cache open applications and re-open them when you shutdown or reboot. I created an extremely small, simple applet to solve this. Allowing you to reboot or shutdown and have a “Clean Start” when your system starts. In the back end, it simply runs the following PowerShell commands:

Shutdown: stop-computer -force
Reboot: restart-computer -force

The tool can be downloaded at the following link and includes the .ps1 source file.
Download Here

RunAsAdmin Tool

RunAsAdmin is an application to help adhere to the best practice of least privileges.  It creates an .exe that the user can double click and it will execute a program with elevated privileges.  Users must be in a local group in order to execute the process.

RunAsAdmin Tool