2040 Studio – PuGoo Mini Sticky Pad Review/Preview

images (1)If you’re like me, you want to have instant access to your phone, in a safe manor, no matter where you are.  A couple years ago I discovered a magical product from a company that was at the time called UDS.  This “Magical Alien Sticky Pad” was named PuGoo, a strange name for a rather amazing product.

The original PuGoo was 8″x4″ and I owned a couple of them.  I could stick my 10.1″ original Galaxy tablet to the wall next to my bed all night, without fear of it crashing down on me, waking me up.  I also had one in my Jeep, for securing my phone, and occasionally my tablet, into my dash.  When it lost it’s tack, it was as easy as running it under cold water and letting it dry, then BAM! good as new! The PuGoo was sold out for a while, and mine had finally degraded from abuse and misuse, as well as losing one of them.

I contacted UDS, which had become 2040 Studio, a few times and expressed my want for another PuGoo. Last month, 2040 Studio asked if I was interested in testing a PuGoo Mini – after I had backed their ARC Nesting Dock and purchasing a Capta for my upcoming honeymoon.


The PuGoo Mini measures about 1.5″x2.25″ and is made for smaller applications, such as phones.  It’s the perfect size for most everything I used my larger pad for, while being a lot easier to place and transport.  While testing, I was able to affix my Nexus 7 tablet to the side of my nightstand overnight, with no problem, I could see it being able to hold larger devices as well without issue.

Currently I am using the PuGoo Mini to secure my cell phone to my dash in my Jeep, as pictured above.  I combined it with an NFC tag, and when I place my phone on the pad, it syncs to my stereo (JeePi) and opens my media application.  I have had it there for hours, without any issue, and without having to worry about my phone falling.  I have had to clean the pad a few times, and just like its bigger brother, it’s as good as new each time.   The one issue I have had, is it seems to get slightly less sticky after sitting in the hot vehicle all day, but as soon as it cools down, the tack comes back.

Currently the PuGoo Mini is only in testing stages, and is not yet released, however, 2040 Studios is gauging interest for the product, and there is talks of a future KickStarter for the PuGoo Mini.

If you are interested in the PuGoo Mini, check out 2040 Studio and email them at info@2040studio.com, letting them know you’d be interested in purchasing one, be sure to let them know you read about it here!

Thank you for reading my review/preview of 2040 Studio’s PuGoo Mini and thank you 2040 Studio for giving me the unique opportunity to test the product!


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