Windows 10 Clean Start

I have a bad habit of not closing applications when I am done with them. Sure, I save my work, but I will keep Word, Excel, Outlook, 100 Chrome windows (which have 100 tabs opened in each) and sometimes I just like to reboot to have a “Clean Start”. Unfortunately, one change in Windows 10 made it more difficult to achieve that clean start. The default behavior for Windows is to cache open applications and re-open them when you shutdown or reboot. I created an extremely small, simple applet to solve this. Allowing you to reboot or shutdown and have a “Clean Start” when your system starts. In the back end, it simply runs the following PowerShell commands:

Shutdown: stop-computer -force
Reboot: restart-computer -force

The tool can be downloaded at the following link and includes the .ps1 source file.
Download Here

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