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RunAsAdmin is an application to help adhere to the best practice of least privileges.  It creates an .exe that the user can double click and it will execute a program with elevated privileges.  Users must be in a local group in order to execute the process.


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Download RunAsAdmin


RunAsAdmin uses (and includes) the following tools:

PowerShell Community Extensions
SysInternals PsExec

To implement a new RunAsAdmin program, extract the to the C:\Tools\ directory.

From an Administrator PowerShell prompt do the following:

PS> cd C:\Tools\
PS C:\Tools\> .\Deploy-RunAsAdmin.ps1

The Deploy RunAsAdmin window will appear

Application Path: The path to the application you want to run with elevated privileges.

Task Name: The name given to the application (will be the name of the exe the user will run)

Project Short-Name:  A “name” for the project, allows for multiple programs to utilize a single group for user access.

Service Account Name:  The name of the Service Account that will be an Administrator and will run the program.  If the SA doesn’t exist, it will be created.

Service Account Password:  The password for the SA.  If the SA exists, password must match existing password.

Cleanup Checkbox: If checked, the source files will be deleted, leaving only the files for the process in C:\Tools.

In the C:\Tools\[Task Name] Directory:

The .exe WITHOUT “_Task” (AdminCMD in this case) is the one that the user will execute.   It is recommended that you place a shortcut on the users desktop to that .exe

In order for a user to run the .EXE and execute the program, they must be placed in the _TaskRunner local group. (in the example below, the Project Name is “Test”)

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Download RunAsAdmin 

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